Singing profoundly benefits health and wellbeing – on many levels!

This is the experience of our group, which is also generally well documented.

  • It improves posture, breathing and lung function
  • It fosters overall happiness and joy of living
  • It reduces social isolation
  • It lessens symptoms of diseases like Parkinson’s and Stroke
  • It wards off depression and anxiety
  • People fall ill less, leading to a reduction in medication and visits to doctors and hospitals

Singing improves mood, relieves depression and isolation…

… reduces stress levels, which often come with long-term illness or old age. The experience of group singing is unifying and uplifting. Many of our group members live in isolation; they look forward all week to our meetings. They form supportive friendships, talk and laugh together, have fun. The tea breaks are an important part of our meetings, and we regularly have lunch together and meet for other social events.

Singing helps to boost confidence through all the above mentioned effects, supporting people in coping with their health problems and resulting social difficulties in daily life.