Testimonials – Posture & Breathing

“My increased awareness about maintaining good natural posture carries through into my everyday life, and has improved my mobility, and the chronic back and shoulder pain caused by an accident I had some years ago. I now only rarely take painkillers, and I also feel generally more physically confident again.”

“I also find the posture exercises very helpful in daily life.”

“…the group has given me a real uplift in confidence, social engagement. I also find the emphasis on posture and breathing very helpful and useful in my recovery.”

“The group is the only thing that has made a difference to my back pain.”

“My posture is much better, and I can make my chronic back pain disappear!”

“My breathing has become much better, and my lungs feel more open – and that helps in many ways, e.g. my mood and my mobility. I also can control my anxiety, and my heart pain is much better.”

“My breathing has changed completely, I’m breathing much more fully. I am much more aware of my posture, I stand up more.”

“Sing For Better Health gives me more energy and makes it easier to climb hills, it also seems to be good for my general health, to help me sleep better, and reduce anxiety and increase mental alertness.”

“I have attended Sing For Better Health for a number of years now and seldom miss a session.  The exercises before help you become aware of your body and how you use it.  Having never sung in my life I find it very enjoyable and therapeutic and regret that I’d not made singing a part of my life before.  After a session I feel lighter in my body and mind.”

“I like everything about the class, from warm up which has really helped with my posture and breathing. It also always puts me in the right frame of mind to be able to reach deep inside for my breath. The group is very welcoming. There are a real variety of people, so it’s been easy to chat and have some very interesting conversations.”

“I often cycle to the singing group and the route involves a couple of modest hills. At first I had to stop several times to catch my breath, but after a year or two of the breathing and relaxation exercises and an hour’s singing every week, I find I can get there in one go! My walking up hills has improved too.”

“I had no idea how shallow my breathing had become. It helps with posture and combatting those times when we get a bit stressed – it has a marvellous calming effect. It can be practised at any time – even when doing the mundane jobs about the home.”

“…I recently had a cancer operation and chemotherapy…Following the operation …the exercises in breathing that I have learnt stood me in good stead…I recovered more quickly than would have been the cause without them. As I get older I tend to stoop more, the exercises I have learnt have definitely improved my posture and made me stand straighter… I breathe more deeply and hence feel much more active and alert.”

“… I have had less problems with my voice. That would come and go whenever it decided it would. I am now able to sing a complete song without bother.”

“The breathing exercises are marvellous, they help so much. I am so grateful that the teacher gives us so much of her time. I know that without coming to these classes every week I would soon go downhill. I only have to miss a couple of sessions to find it more difficult to start again. These classes are so very good for us all! An afternoon where everyone is so friendly!”

“The breathing into the back has really helped me – I can now do country walks easily, even walking up and down, better than young people!”

“Since I’ve attended the singing group I’ve been singing all day at home!”

“It is particularly brilliant to see people who struggle with physical difficulties or with memory problems really participating and enjoying their singing and getting so much out of it.”

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