Testimonials – Zoom

“I have been attending Udita’s zoom singing sessions with my mum each week, throughout the lockdown period. It is incredible that Udita has managed to offer them throughout, and they have been an invaluable and consistent oasis of community, calm and brightness for my mum and me. We have enjoyed connecting with others through singing so much. The singing and chats have made us smile and laugh- sometimes the only time in very difficult weeks. We really so appreciate Udita and Teener’s huge efforts to connect us all through the joy and release of singing and music at this most challenging of times. Udita is such a caring, generous, skilled and inspirational facilitator and we cannot thank her enough.”

“We look forward to the sessions each week. …for all of the past months, we have been able to see familiar faces and enjoy singing with them all. Udita has worked so hard and it has made me feel less isolated, lonely and more relaxed. Thank you Udita and long may the Zoom meetings continue until we can meet again.”

“…the fact that you have been able to …carry on during these trying times has, for me, been a beacon of light that’s enabled me to get through thus far and long may it continue. The therapeutic value not only from the singing itself, the initial exercises and breathing have woken my body up when it’s felt sluggish, the singing has given my vocal cords a chance to stretch themselves and to have people zooming into my lounge giving me a chance to chat and smile and be part of such a caring friendly group has lifted my spirits higher than I thought possible at what could have been a very deep, dark, depressing time. It’s so up-lifting and though we are singing songs in a different way to our usual group get togethers, it’s equally as joyous and heart-warming and a real pick me up tonic, just what is needed in these *surreal* times. I can only truthfully say that I’ve no idea how I would have gone through the last months without our singing sessions and I fervently hope that this will continue for the foreseeable future.”

“Mum benefits socially by interacting with people, as a lifelong singer it is vital for her mental well-being to be able to continue to do this. She particularly likes the breathing exercises as she knows this is both good for her capacity to sing but also her physical health is improved. During the pandemic the Zoom sessions are the only outside contact Mum could enjoy, as all her other clubs closed and she was very isolated, it was noticeable how she was lifted by these sessions.”

“For someone like me with fluctuating and long-term health conditions, the Zoom singing sessions are an amazing resource which enables me to continue to participate in a fun and sociable activity that supports my health and well-being. These regular sessions also provide a way to keep connected, which is so important during these challenging times.”

“By setting up the Zoom sessions and providing technical support, I also feel Sing for Better Health has encouraged, supported and enabled many participants to access digital resources and gain digital confidence. I believe this has a wider positive impact far beyond the sessions themselves. “

“I really want to thank Udita for responding so quickly to the challenges of Covid-19, and I hope Sing for Better Health continues to offer regular Zoom sessions even when the groups start meeting again in the real world! Having access to remote sessions offers another way to get involved, as well as enabling people who find it difficult to attend the physical groups to take part.”

“We originally joined Udita’s group after trying one or two others in the area, having been told singing would be excellent for my husband who had had a stroke.
As we are both shielding at present zooming has been a lovely way to safely chat with everyone. We are also meeting some new people whom one would probably not have met otherwise, and we all have a laugh. It is a social highlight of our week along with the fact it is so good for my husband to sing and he also really enjoys it. It is uplifting for us both to sing such lovely songs and it makes me check we both have clean clothes (at least above the waist) and I have washed my hair and put some make up on!”

“I’ve always loved singing and now with lessons nearly every day I seem to be singing more at home on my own. Udita and Teener are always so smiley and it’s lovely to see all the other singers and I know it has helped me through lockdown”

“I joined the groups singing on Zoom when the lock down started as I feel there are so many health benefits from singing. The groups are delightful, and members have lovely stories to tell and a good sense of humour. The sessions are fun, and the choice of songs is apt for our age range. I am sure so many people look forward to the contact and enjoy the singing – even if it is alone!! Udita is always positive and cheerful and encourages us all. The preliminary breathing and stretching exercises are helpful. I have really enjoyed the sessions and being on Zoom has been marvellous.”

“Normal times: We are not a choir but a group of people who love to sing, sometimes even in tune! Singing raises your spirits and your feeling of well-being. The exercises make you use all your lungs. My husband has COPD and finds if he gets an exacerbation, that going through the exercises helps to stop panic and control his breathing again. As a big bonus, the groups are so friendly. Lockdown: During troubled times Udita organised Zoom sessions which have been a Godsend and a great aid to mental health. We have connections with our friends and a chance to exchange news. Something to look forward to every week.”

“…..Suddenly, abruptly, covid-19 and shielding completely emptied my diary. Everything had been cancelled. Nothing of my old life remained, just phone calls and an occasional sighting of the family from afar.
One day, while on Facebook I saw your announcement – Sing for Better Health sessions on zoom! Wow! Gosh I was delighted when you agreed to let me rejoin. It’s been marvellous seeing familiar faces again, and rather nice to make new friends. Even though lockdown has lessened, singing with Sing for Better Health on zoom remains a focal part of my week. So many thanks for keeping me sane.”

“My father and I both enjoy the Zoom sessions immensely – they are a wonderful way for me to spend time with him.
Because of their frequency, I feel we actually get more out of these than the single session in person. This is one of the few activities that I have found that continues to engage and cheer him as his Alzheimer’s progresses and is therefore invaluable to him and, by extension, me.”

“Udita Everett’s singing groups are an important part of many lives. I appreciate very much the effort she has made to enable us to attend via Zoom during lockdown. I have been shielding so the days could have been long and lonely, but the knowledge of the various online meetings I have been able to attend made a huge difference. Singing for Better Health has really lived up to its name during recent months.”

“I like our meetings regardless of whether they are remote or face-to-face.”

“I’m so grateful to you – I knew singing improved my health but what I didn’t realise was that it also helped my hair-dressing skills, my dusting ability my flower arranging and being able to sit still for an hour without wondering what’s in the biscuit tin! – yayyyy for Zoom singing – thanks Udita and Teener and everyone else who’s virtually visiting my home – you are all welcome – be well, keep singing you know it makes sense xxx hugless hug xxx”

“I used to take my Mother to this singing group. She had Dementia and although she could not remember very much in the latter stages my Mother always seemed to know when it was a singing day and would constantly ask when we were going singing. Sadly my Mother passed away in March. I know how much Mother enjoyed these sessions and it really set her up for the day. Mother also enjoyed the interaction with others.
This is a much-needed social gathering, even on Zoom. It brightens up a day, makes you feel good about yourself, even in bad weather and the social aspect as well as the singing is a great benefit to the group and myself.”

“I’ve benefited so much from joining ‘Sing For Better Health‘. During Lock Down it was a very important way for me to connect with others as I live alone. It was not just the singing but as an outsider (I live in London) Udita & the group made me feel very welcomed & I look forward to the sessions. Thank you”

“As I have been shielding during the Corvid lockdown I look forward to contact with a friendly group of folk outside my house and garden… The added bonus of Zoom is of course that I don’t have to get there by bus. As I have little energy these days, that helps.”

“I look forward to the singing sessions every week. There is a lovely atmosphere, and the participants are very friendly, and I love being able to sing the songs. Thank you for the work you do arranging them.”

“I just wanted to reply on behalf of my mother that she enormously values the zoom singing group every week. Apart from the opportunity to continue her singing, she loves how it enables her to keep in touch with the group and to hear from others outside of the small ‘bubble’ that has become her world since these horrible events unfolded.”

“The choir is a lovely and easy way to meet new people, learn new music and sing old favourites. Meeting all the regulars feels very community enhancing and makes us all feel less isolated.
Singing by Zoom is a strange experience, hearing your own voice which is no longer very tuneful. But I open my window and sing at the top of my voice. What the neighbours make of this I don’t know, but I am greatly energised. Thank you, Udita, for the really amazing job you are doing.”

“….I have greatly benefitted from the singing sessions with Udita. My voice has become stronger and also my breathing is better. After the sessions I feel in a better mood and, particularly in these times when meeting with people is so difficult, they give me a chance to see people almost every day.”

“To all you lovely people I’ve got to know throughout this Covid year. It’s been a real pleasure & the best thing I did was to join Sing for Better Health. I feel during these difficult times you’ve helped me to ‘Look On The Bright Side Of Life‘.
Udita & Teener you have been inspirational & created shared moments of joy & warmth. You and Teener have no idea how much you are thought of in so many ways.”

“Just to express my appreciation of all the singing and enjoyment and companionship your ‘Sing for Better Health’ has given me. It has been wonderful to meet new people, and to look forward to our get togethers. You and Teener do a great job!”

“Thank you, Udita and Teener, I always feel so much better after singing and lovely to see everybody”

“…thank you for all the classes I have joined in with. They have certainly supported my health during these lockdown days, emotionally by singing with others and I’ve noticed that the yawning technique makes a positive difference to my throat.”

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