Testimonials – Joy of Singing & Socializing

“Sing For Better Health has given me back my voice, my confidence, my identity and my life.”

“I love our singing group for several reasons!  Firstly, I love singing and it doesn’t really matter if I sing well or not, though I think I’m improving!  The group of singers are a great bunch and I enjoy the chatter over tea.  We sing a mixture of songs, old and modern and however I feel when I arrive, I always feel better when I leave!”

“I love Sing for Better Health!  The songs we sing together are all part of the sound track of our lives, full of memories and emotions.  And the breathing and posture exercises have helped me enormously, not just during the singing sessions, but in my everyday life. Breathing well gives me a great sense of wellbeing. And I have made some really good new friends through singing together — I always look forward to going singing, and I leave feeling like I’m walking on air!”

‘Each week brings us together, and …the joy the programme gives us is evident by the high level of excitement at ‘going home time’.  Our energy levels raised, we gel as a group and some of us enjoy lunch together at a nearby pub. No cliques, everyone welcome. We arrive there in wheelchairs, using walking sticks or just hobbling along having forgotten our aches and pains. Laughter and happiness all the way. The  exercises and singing act as a silver bullet. I consider Saturday lunch time to be my BIG NIGHT OUT. Through this group I have made so many new friends, and every newcomer is welcomed as a friend. All this happens with Udita’s guidance and ability to understand our singing capabilities. I know I feel 10 years younger when I go home. A day well spent.”

“After the sessions I feel so high – I wouldn’t feel so high after drinking a bottle of whiskey!”

“I cannot think of another way of feeling so happy and alive after our singing sessions. I put it on par withy dancing. It’s the music that lifts us out of our immediate lives with all its trials and tribulations and transports us to this magical place of joy.”

“Sing for Better health has helped me through after my op for kidney cancer. It made me think less about my predicament and more about what fun it is to sing. I have made some dear friends in my group and enjoyed sociable times with them… I treat this activity as “Active Meditation”. It makes me happy – I have since learnt the ukulele and am singing with it in public!”

“Just wanted to say how I so enjoy our weekly singing group; We get a chance to sing a song of our choice, the breathing exercises are so useful and it just feels so good singing, it is joyful. The Hangleton group are so friendly and it is good to catch up with everyone each week, not to forget our wonderful leader Udita and dear Teener who does the refreshments.”

“It isn’t just the singing together that I find helpful. It’s far more the warmth of safely sharing feelings that promotes my better health. The songs touch us uniquely, allowing the release of emotions that, if kept suppressed, inhibit our collective bid for wellbeing.”

“Singing gives me confidence and a sense of well-being. I am sure too that my memory improves as each time I sing a song I remember more and more of it.”

“This singing group is the only thing in life that gives me joy.”

“I love singing, I feel it’s so uplifting, & for me gets the endorphins flowing & I walk out with a lighter step & smile on my face.”

“The singing group calms me down with relaxation exercises then ‘builds me up’ to face the coming week. It’s such a friendly and supportive group of people. We always leave with smiles on our faces and will miss it when the holidays come round.”

“…it lifts my spirits, helps my breathing and has brought me a whole new circle of friends. It’s also a lot of fun!”

“When I heard singing would be good for my husband’s voice after a stroke I knew that I would have to be involved. To be honest I did not really want to go but there was of course no choice.   What I did not know was how much I too was going to enjoy participating. This of course is mainly due to Udita’s lovely warm personality and her ability to bond the group. Not only do we enjoy the singing but also chatting to each other and there is a very friendly atmosphere.”

“…the singing group had helped me in more ways than one, for one it started as a social event for me while going through a lonely time, now I am so glad I have this group as I have lately been diagnosed as having lung cancer and I know that the exercises we do there and the singing is helping my lung condition, to open my airways. It is something I look forward to each Monday and I come away feeling very happy, and singing still.. Thanking you Udita and Teener for all your support and hard work.”

“Just a line to say what fun the weekly singing class is, with such friendly people, you come away feeling bright and cheerful. Long may it last.”

“Singing transports me to another world – one beyond worry, stress, tension and even pain.  It should be on prescription along with laughing and chatting – which we do at the singing group anyway.  So it’s marvellous therapy in every way.  Long may it continue!”

“I enjoy meeting the other people in the group. Udita creates a happy relaxed atmosphere. The singing makes my sprits soar.”

“Even when I feel down – going to singing lifts me up. Our singing group makes me feel part of a family.”

“In school singing lessons I was given a book and told to go away and read it. On an Austrian mountain side I sang with elation only to receive a shout to ‘Shut up’. This destruction of confidence in my singing voice made me reluctant to join a Sing For Better Health group. I’m so glad I did enrol as it gave me a new outlet for suppressed emotions. Our Song Book is a treasure chest of personal memories. When they surface they move us each quite differently in an environment that is safe, understanding and supportive. Singing collectively boosts our spirits, brightens our outlook on life, enhances our sense of wellbeing, builds friendships and is fun!”

“We always come out of our singing class smiling (whatever the weather) Great friendships are made, which makes us more caring. Everyone should sing and we would all feel better. Cheers.” 

“Having joined the group at the suggestion of my practice nurse to improve my lung capacity, I have not only done just that (up 10% in 1st year), but have found a great improvement in the resilience necessary for solitary living. We are fortunate in having a brilliant leader in Udita and admire how she manages her disparate groups and how she turns us into friends.”

“I’ve only been coming to the class for a few months but it’s already made a real difference to my life. I like everything about the class, from warm up which has really helped with my posture and breathing. It also always puts me in the right frame of mind to be able to reach deep inside for my breath. The group is very welcoming. There are a real variety of people, so it’s been easy to chat and have some very interesting conversations.”

“I use to belong to a singing group sometime ago, but this group is very different – what I really like about this class is that you don’t feel as if you have to be able to sing or that you’re letting anyone down if you miss a beat or sing out of tune. The funny thing is that with Udita’s great guidance and the community spirit and encouragement singing somehow becomes possible.”

“I also love that we can each choose from the range of songs available rather than having to fit our voices in to a format of choral renditions. Having the choice to choose a song means that you can pick something to match your mood. I’m quite surprised how emotive some of the songs can be. It always feels as if they’re adding something or shifting something that needs to be shifted!”

“I would definitely recommend the class.”

“I know I do not have a good singing voice, but I do love to sing out loud, and our singing group gives me exactly what I love by being able to sing lovely songs with other people, all enjoying singing together without worrying if I am good enough! Singing helps improve my breathing and l always go home with that ” feel good feeling”

“Singing is the Highlight of my week! Love to all.”

“Thanks for all the joy you bring to us who you inspire to Sing For Better Health. Good night, Good Luck and God Bless. Cheers.”

“I cannot recommend these groups strongly enough. Never leave the class without a smile and a feeling of such contentment. Everyone is made so welcome. It’s very uplifting, enjoyable, friendly and accessible to all.”

“I really enjoy participating. Hopefully more to come.”

“Very relaxing, very enjoyable, almost meditative.”

“…very uplifting and enjoyable.”

“I enjoy the ‘togetherness’ of singing in a group. It’s good, physically and mentally.”

“..gives us something to look forward to. Makes us feel good.”

“…I like the fact we can choose the songs, it’s so democratic.”

“…great release.”

“The group is very positive…”

“…the group has given me a real uplift in confidence, social engagement. I also find the emphasis on posture and breathing very helpful and useful in my recovery.”

“Great group, well led, good fun.”

“…feeling more positive.”

“Wish I had started this a long time ago!”

“…a lot happier…”

“…I am happy to participate, feeling relaxed. Tea and biscuits also excellent!”

“…we may not be the best singers in the world but we ENJOY doing it. The tea break is good too as we chat amongst the group and often problems are lessened. A cup of tea is great medicine! Then more singing and all of us leave the session in a better frame of mind. I would not now want to be without this friendly happy group.”

“I’ve never sung before but I came along and wasn’t assessed and I wasn’t judged so I joined in and it makes me HAPPY The highlight of our Tuesday thoroughly enjoyed and very good for our morale singing the songs we remember with fondness. Lovely!”

“Sing For better health is a very friendly group. All praise to Udita for her leadership. Long may it continue.”

“I wasn’t sure, at first, if it was what I wanted, but as the weeks went by I found I was looking forward to seeing other members in the group, and I do enjoy singing. It’s uplifting and helps one to forget all those little aches and pains. Long may it continue.”

“This is just a few lines to say how much I enjoy the singing group. It helps with my breathing and I feel very uplifted when I have finished the session, so long may it continue.”

“I always look forward to Tuesdays & singing & I find I sing much more at home and it’s good to make some new friends.”

“I find it very uplifting and look forwards to Tuesdays to sing with likeminded friends. I’m always sorry the session comes to an end. I go home feeling very relaxed and still singing.”

“Until I joined your group I had never sung before, even at school assembly or in a church congregation, purely because I had no self confidence and thought I sounded terrible. Now, I feel confident and thoroughly enjoy singing – it makes me feel happier and physically better. I don’t think I will apply to the X Factor yet, but maybe next year !! Thanks Udita.”

“So good to see everyone on Tuesday – my heart was touched with happiness.”

“I used to love singing in church when I went regularly. Singing lifts the soul, and since I stopped going to church some years ago I have missed it. This singing group has filled a gap that I hadn’t realised was so big, and I really enjoy going, even though my singing voice is not very good at all!”

“I love the group activity of singing together: there’s something about lifting your voice with others and the release of tension that comes with a good old sing-along (where better voices can mask my croaky attempts) that leave me feeling relaxed and happy.”

“I always sing at home now, am happier in daily life, less alone.”

“I am so glad I took the opportunity to join your group as it raises spirits and happiness.”

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