Testimonials – Mental Health

“It gets me out of isolation, makes me feel all around better, gives me confidence. It has increased my communication.”

“I used to feel very small through being bullied. I walk tall now in daily life.”

“It lightens my mood completely! It is so heart warming and life affirming! I’ve only felt half alive before coming singing!”

“I love the singing and the company of other singers, it really raises my spirits, sustaining in me a feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing that helps me cope with the life’s difficulties.”

“I have become much more confident through singing than I’ve ever been in my life!”

“Singing transports me to another world – one beyond worry, stress, tension and even pain.  It should be on prescription along with laughing and chatting – which we do at the singing group anyway.  So it’s marvellous therapy in every way.  Long may it continue!”

“… I somehow came to believe that I couldn’t sing, and ‘didn’t have a voice’. Discovering that in fact I can sing well enough to enjoy making music with and for other people has given me confidence that extends beyond the singing itself. This is a very good feeling at a time of life when it sometimes seems that our horizons are shrinking.”

“I suffer from depression and find that after a good sing and breathe with my friends at Sing For Better Health it makes me feel very good.”

“Helps the breathing, it makes me feel better in myself.”

“Our teacher is very patient with us all. We have all become friends and have a very enjoyable afternoon each week.”

“I’ve felt in the dumps earlier. I didn’t want to come singing, but I feel really uplifted afterwards!”

“It’s very uplifting, enjoyable, friendly and accessible to all.”

“I also find the posture exercises very helpful in daily life.”

“I really enjoy participating. Hopefully more to come.”

“Very relaxing, very enjoyable, almost meditative.”

“…very uplifting and enjoyable.”

“I enjoy the ‘togetherness’ of singing in a group. It’s good, physically and mentally.”

“…gives us something to look forward to. Makes us feel good.”

“…I like the fact we can choose the songs, it’s so democratic.”

“…great release”

“The group is very positive…”

“…the group has given me a real uplift in confidence, social engagement. I also find the emphasis on posture and breathing very helpful and useful in my recovery.”

“Great group, well led, good fun.”

“…feeling more positive”

“Wish I had started this a long time ago!”

“…a lot happier…”

“…I am happy to participate, feeling relaxed. Tea and biscuits also excellent!”

“Cheers me up – cannot feel depressed when singing!”

“I find this group very beneficial. It is very healing and affects me deeply. As my breathing improved, so also clarity of my mind and general well-being.”

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